by Humaira

My heart aches for the families of all the deceased and injured in the Connecticut shooting. It makes me want to run to my children's schools and hug them really tight. These are times that I find it hard to practice gratitude and positive thinking .  Don't you?

With senseless violence now in my soil, my land, with my people in the United States I would like to share this poem from Rumi (an Afghan poet) which has lighted a candle of hope during this very dark time.

Peace and love with all the angels who are no longer with us.



What will our children do in the morning?

Will they wake with their hearts wanting to play, the way wings should?

Will they have dreamed the needed flights and gathered the strength from the planets that all men and women need to balance the wonderful charms of the earth so that her power and beauty does not make us forget our own?

I know all about the ways of the heart - how it wants to be alive.

Love so needs to love that it will endure almost anything, even abuse, just to flicker for a moment.  But the sky's mouth is kind, its song will never hurt you, for I using those words.

What will our children do in the morning if they do not see us fly?

~ Rumi ~

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