By Humaira


Reciting, studying and analyzing great poets is part of the fabric of Afghan culture. It’s a medium that is experienced and appreciated by the educated, but limited in access to over 65% of the population who are still illiterate.

Landay is a form of folk poetry, usually couplets, mostly created by and for people in villages, provinces and areas without access to formal education. Traditionally, landays are sung aloud, often to the beat of a hand drum called dayra. I believe this is the first formal book of landays that has appeared in the west. Landays are beautiful in that they explore the every day trial and tribulations of the women in rural Afghanistan. Below is a review of this book by poet Tess Taylor, who feels that this book gives a rare glimpse into Afghan lives.

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By Humaira

I am thrilled to announce that HEARTLAND, a play I’ve been collaborating on as a cultural consultant with playwright Gabriel Jason Dean will be produced at three notable from January-April of 2019 — Vortex Rep, New Rep Theatre and InterAct Theatre Company. As part of my work on each production, these theaters have chosen Afghan Friends Network, the non-profit I co-founded, as a partner for the rolling World Premiere of HEARTLAND. So, get your tickets to see this amazing play and come see me speak at a Symposium on February 3 at New Rep Theatre in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Promoting War or Empowering Peace: American Involvement in Afghan Education - A Symposium

Please join me for a FREE discussion about international history, education, and storytelling as part of our Enrichment Program, the Spotlight Symposium Series.

Sunday, February 3, 2019
3:30pm, Following the 2:00pm performance of HEARTLAND

For more information about the Symposium, click HERE.

About the HEARTLAND:
Dr. Harold Banks, an aging professor of Literature and Afghan Studies in Nebraska, is reeling after his adopted daughter Getee is killed by the Taliban while teaching children outside Kabul. When Afghan refugee Nazrullah arrives at his door with an incredible story and carrying Getee's prized books, the two men form an unlikely bond. Each is searching for his own brand of forgiveness, but as their friendship develops Naz accidentally exposes an unexpected source of Dr.Banks' guilt. How might a CIA propaganda operation over 30 years ago have contributed to Getee's death? Inspired by true events, HEARTLAND is a story of healing, connection, and the devastating unintentional consequences of our actions.